Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
shut up and sit down
I am crazily doing stupid stuff. I have high pitch laughter. I can cry in 10sec. I have a man character.

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No pranks please!
Wednesday, April 30, 200820:52
2 nights ago there is this guy who prank called me in the middle of the night. Actually, he'd been pranking since last time. Started last year if I did not remember wrongly. I was telling Keshia about this and she thought that that person called and kept quiet. But it was the opposite. I was the one who kept quiet and he was the one who was doing the talk and basically making lots of noise. If you ask me about the content I would say its rather censored. I have probably offended some people. haha! Well, strange was everytime he called, I was awake and was chatting with the same person. I did not received any missed calls from a private number any other time when I was asleep. And of course I know cannot be the person whom I chat with.
That pervertic man don't sound young and sounded rather ang moh slank.
The person who I chat with said he may be my neighbour. Man! please don't ... I don't wanna be stalked.

But after much contemplation the only thing I could think of is he always read my blog and saw that I posted that entry during midnight at that particular night. I hardly don't blog when I sleep so late. Well, its bored at night though. hahahah.

To that person who pranked me. If my guess isn't wrong, please continue to prank me tonight.

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exams again
Monday, April 28, 200823:51
Studying late at night again. I hope I won't fall asleep tomorrow during my paper. Man! I really don't like exams! Its like brain bursting can! I had a bad insomnia last night and I hope I won't have it today. Yes been longing for a good night sleep which i missed it for quite awhile. Probably due to exams. Why is it that some people seemed so relax during exams? Like seth? can play soccer somemore. hahaha!
How would I even do well this time?

Sometimes I feel that, its better not to know certain people too well. Its really sick to know their tricks. hahahah!!

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Dog response better
Sunday, April 27, 200821:58

I'm back! hee ... stressed ok! Exams time.

Anyway, I seriously don't wish to pollute this place because of some irritating fellow! I really wonder which word of which post is it that I spelt incorrectly. And the thing is, what's wrong with typing A WORD wrongly? That doesn't mean that my english is poor. The worse thing is, the person who said my english was poor has weaker english than me. Much weaker! Well, I'm not saying that I use perfect english but at least I use and speak proper english which he don't or rather can't. Someone who can't even spell the word "PRONOUNCE" ! Hello!! Who is he to even criticise me? And completely no right to criticise my friend. Her highest qualification is PSLE and highest level is Sec 1NA. And she had not touched books and words for 2 to 3 years. It is understandable for her not to be able to remember the word pronounce, isn't it? Didn't he had his N level? Its really amusing right?

Something more hilarious. There was once, this same person text me early morning Randomly and say "hey, your place there raining. Becareful when you go school." But hey! All humankind whom I know, knows that my dad sends me to school. Well, I ignored though. The thing that made me did not know to laugh or to be pissed was at that same night, he text me again to ask me "hey, this morning your place there raining right?" I replied, "Obviously, why?." He said,"No la, doubt lo" HEY!!! I really wonder if he even understand the word "doubt"! What is there to doubt about raining? Man! He's like dim-witted! Always say things that doesn't make sense at all.

That day, he even text my friend and say "You also not cute, not pretty. why so many people jio(go after) you?" Oh, please! I thought he was just rejected by her. And he asked her if he has chance the next day. Is this cheap or shameful or too desperate? SICKED!!!

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Wednesday, April 23, 200818:41

Hi guys, I'm back. Really sorry for not updating due to the time table in the previous post. Ya I know its been more than a week. Well, have been studying everyday as my exams are starting next week.

Went for Dr Kim's on sunday. It was really powerful. It was really an impartation. She preached a very simple message on Holy Spirit but right after her message, I felt the pressence so strong in the midst of us. The pressence was so tangible and tears kept flowing then God began to say "I will give you strength and power in all things". Wah, Thank you Jesus!! He indeed know my hearts desire. That night when I was doing my quiet time, I received a revelation

1 Peter 5 : 6 - 11
Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you. To Him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Yesterday, I went for choir practice and belle shared a word which is exactly my revelation.

As you humble ourselves and put God first, when He sees you, He'll be so pleased and He'll say "WOW". When you lift up your burdens and prayers, He'll answer them. You got to constantly know the voice of the Lord. No matter what tribulations you experience, you must know that Jesus Christ had experienced it, yet without sin and you are rooted deep in the water. You got to be hungry and do not feel satisfied easily in knowing God. As you are closer to Him, He will then reveal things to you. Alot of times we believe in every other people but not ourselves. We must not let the roaring lion come and cause us to doubt ourselves.

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New Scedule
Sunday, April 13, 200820:11

My new study plan!! yeah!
34hours/week ...
hahahah. crazy!!
Yeah, and Pastor preached about prayer yesterday.
I must discipline myself, expand my prayer life ...

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Give me a break!
Friday, April 11, 200822:05
Its 2008 and I find people still pondering over their past.
hahaha. I know its normal. But its rather abnormal when you are pondering over it for years. What you think is not what I think. I'm not trying to be ironic but its really right to leave you. hahaha. Well, why are you still not moving on? Sometimes, I just feel theres some problem with your values. Life is not about "see how it goes first", "think about it later". Face reality, dude!

Come on ... Do you think there is still a possibility?
Yea, so stop telling me some unusual stuffs.
hahhaha.. thanks

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Its been a long week.
Aspire aspire and aspire. study study study...
Went for CGM yesterday as usual at Kexin's place.
Its been a long time since we have cg. hahhaha.
Good word, good pressence.
Oh God, teach me how to love, teach me how to accept, teach me how to inspire.
I need motivaton.

I'm going out now.
Today is FRIDAY. I'm having Vocals later!! yeah!!! hahahah!!!

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Upcoming Schedule
Monday, April 07, 200822:57
Will be like super busy from now on.
Monday - Thursday: Self study in school till 530pm
After 530pm:
Monday: Tuition
Wednesday: Choir Prac
Thursday: Cgm
Friday: Vocal class! yeah! hahaha

Next month i may take up piano. so my whole week will be PACKED! hahahah

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You shouldn't sleep too much hence, you'd die earlier
Saturday, April 05, 200823:34
Wow, truely blessed by Pst Tan's message - Thinking with Excellence
One of the things he said that left a deep impression was about Time management.
Time = the occurance of events. Time Management = Events Management.
Survey from some medical doctors from America said that the average time one person should sleep is 6.5 hours per day and there's no reason you should sleep more. Survey showed that there's an increase of death rate of people who sleep more than 8 hours a day or less than 4 hours a day and decreased in death rate of people who sleep 6 - 7 hours per day.

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Procratination VS Decisiveness
Friday, April 04, 200823:04
The things I always procratinate:
  • to wake up
  • to leave house (that's why i'm late) hahaha
  • to go toilet
  • to pray at night
  • to remove make up
  • to apply skincare
  • to reply messages when i wake up
  • in r/s
  • to eat dinner
  • to sleep

The things that i am decisive:

  • to sing
  • take up courses
  • plans of my future
  • play computer
  • watch tv
  • wash leg!
  • eat nice food
  • cook new dishes
  • works for God
  • to pray in the morning
  • making bento
  • to be loyal
  • to be faithful
  • in plannings
  • to be farsighted
  • love God and people
  • John 15:5
  • to make up
  • to have servanthood
  • cockroach attitude (i hate them though)
  • not being willful

when i was posting the previous post, it kinda reminded me of a friend. Well, I don't give up easily but some people just have some "none of your business", "this is what I want" attitude that left me no choice. I am always loyal to friends as you can see - i put friendships at stake which i seldom see people doing that. hahahaha!!! Well, the reason is I can't accept seeing my friends walking in a wrong path. People tell me but this is what they want, let them be then. I'll let you be if its a rational decision right? hahaha. But if its not, unless you're not my friend, I'll let you be.

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To a precious friend
Sometimes, its not that i want to be harsh on words but some situations really made me do so. I'm an outsider, i see things clearer. I know that you are about to step into the wrong path, can i not be harsh? I rather let our friendship at stake than you taking the wrong path, being so irrational. You are not young at all. You got to know how to decide on the right thing. You have dreams that you'd like to persue. So why procratinate? Why let others stop you from that? Feelings can be controlled, hurts can be overcomed. Like i say, alot of things is not you can or not, but you want or not. You got to make that decision to do it. If you want to lead a different life, happier life then move on. Love can be found in a better place when you have a career. Your career can be as successful when you Focus.

Girl, you are my only childhood friend who is with me for such a long time. I won't give up on you, i won't feel despair about you. I there's no hope, I'll hope for you. If there's no dream, I'll dream one for you. If you feel empty, I'll fill you with all my love. If you ar hurt, I'll be by your side forever. Don't give up on yourself.

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楊宗緯 生日快了!!!
楊宗緯 生日快了!!!

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Thursday, April 03, 200815:12
This two weeks have been tiring for me.
Was really busy with the drama last week.
and this week ... haha ... i don't know either.
not that busy actually. Quite a normal schedule.
at least i had some rest yesterday.

my nose allergy is getting serious each day that i can't stop myself for sleeping in class. oops!
hahha. perhaps its due to construction in school + construction just outside my house + the terrible haze recently.
at first, it itch abit then it got serious that my eyes and mouth started to itch and this morning, it bled. If it continues to be like this, i may really have BIG NOSE. hahahaha!!
Veracia, BECAREFUL!! hahahahaha!!!

Oh God, thank you for always being with me, speaking to me, loving me.
Nothing is more important than You!
Veracia, thank you for sharing you revelation.
What is light. =D

Oh ya!!! Haven't been doing bentos!!! =(((
I'll do it next week!!! yeah!!!
Start moving, Shyrlyn!!!

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Wednesday, April 02, 200820:11

been contemplating ......

been missing ......

been thinking ......

what should I do?

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