Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
shut up and sit down
I am crazily doing stupid stuff. I have high pitch laughter. I can cry in 10sec. I have a man character.

scream your lungs


scary flashbacks
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I'm released!
Sunday, August 17, 200805:34
wahahah! Went 重庆火锅 last night with 合音天使. I shan't explain why I ordered 麻辣火锅. But well, I ended eating the 麻辣 pot myself they rest ate the chicken one. But know what, their 麻辣 is darn shiok! Its like heaven. wahhaha! But after eating, its like hell. 我又谓痛了!This afternoon when I wake up, I felt terrible pain lar. Its like double attack. Gastric + stomach pain! hahah! My pain lasted 11 hours and thats it, I released every indigested food! poor poor digestive system.

I made onigiri but... think its a failure. nobody likes it. in fact people are saying not nice. ok, i shall improve on it.

Ok, next week I'll be doing blackforest cake!
No experiment this time. Sure nice.
I know alot of people don't know what is black forest cake.
it look like
But please, this is like a professional cake.
So don't expect such a nice cake.
I don't have the equipents. wahahaha!!!

Love, royston and I had conference through skype last night! its darn fun! We talked, we crapped, we sing! hahha! Yeah, I've got my webcam fixed!! See you soon, Love!!! wahahhha!

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What I normally eat
Friday, August 15, 200800:23
Breakfast at 7am

Lunch at 11am

Lunch at 3pm

Dinner at 7pm

Dinner at 11pm

This is that kind of meals I eat everyday.
From today, I'll go on diet!
This time, I'm very serious.

My plan:
Breakfast at 7am - 2 hard boil egg + milo
Lunch at 11am - Half plate of school's rice
Lunch at 3pm - 1 packet of Julie's biscuit + milo
Dinner at 7pm - homemade Cesar salad that consist of lots of lettuce, boiled chicken strips, egg, potato, tomato, garlic croutons
Dinner at 11pm - fruits!

I will succeed!
I am bigger!

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Suntan is darn shiok!
Tuesday, August 12, 200801:48
wahhaha! Today's sun was sooooooo sunny!!! hahaha. i love! i love!
After so long, i'm finally tanned! yeah!!!

Irene's abalone mushrooms with white cream and Rice

My sweet lemon tea

and finally, my dinner! Sirloin steak!

Its a rather big portion and this is my 食量!
The waitress was shocked when I oredered this because normally they receive order from guys.
She said “你吃牛魔王啊?”
hahah! yeah, the set its called 牛魔王
牛魔王 is normally acted by guys she said.
ok, actually its because the portion is alot.
And know what? I finished the whole 牛魔王 and even help Irene to finish her leftover.
OMG! I have scaring gastric. hahaha

But after tomorrow ... I must go on diet leh..
I blog up my strategy soon. hahah!
I'm gonna take a photos of all my meals of tomorrow to show you what I normally eat during a normal school day.
Sinful and disastrous.

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Saturday, August 09, 200805:09
IQ Test Score

I took 2-1/2 hours to finish the previous super super long long post.
I hope it doesn't bore you.

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I hope this inspires you
I just reach home about one hour ago. As usual Friday vocal lesson! Alicia and I waited for the next class to end and went prata but everyone had something on so only left with Alicia, Ashton, Yixuan, Winson, Daniel and me. Surprisingly I ate porridge instead of prata and I couldn't finish that bowl! wahahha!

Winson and Daniel went off early to boat quay i think. hahaha. 老人就是这样, 爱喝酒。 哈哈哈! Oh ya, Winson managed to catch our lame jokes. wahahaha. We remained there and talked for like hours! hahah!

老师 was sharing about his plans, dreams, goals and stuffs with us which I think it was quite inspiring. His direction was clear and he has strong values. and I hope he will be very rooted in it and continue to inspire more people. After today, I really have greater understanding about him. I like the way he plan and I like his courage of pursuing his dreams. Being realistic but not giving up despite the huge risk. This is inspiring. This is passion.

I also heard from Sherlyn just now. She also shared about the draw and temptations in this music industry. How she actually came about at this position. And how to balance in our walk with God with the worldly things. How to pursue this interest as career with the right concept. Her path was not easy and she did make wrong decisions at some point of her life. No doubt that, she set her priorities right.

She didn't start off just like this knowing her directions and bang... at where she is now. She is not from any wealthy family. She worked hard for her fees and balancing between work and studies. She started off like us, wanting to be a singer, been through thicks and thins until she was at the stage of discussing her contract when she became a believer and God started to reveal her true purpose in life. She realised all that she wanted was fame and that was not what she really wanted. I really admire her courage because after standing strong, working hard for all these years for this dream, she declined the contract. After she turned down the contract, she remained as a part-time teacher in Ocean Butterflies' for some time before she become a full-time. At every point of her life, she never fail to continue learning in her profession. She stood strong but not pinning all her hopes in the opportunities that was given to her. God has indeed done miracles in her life. Turned the wrongs into rights!

She was like you and I, she was not the perfect perfectionist girl you see. She was even somehow tone-deaf. But she believed in herself and did not focus on the problem.

I just want to quote from her blog as I find it inspiring
"Yes, I was tone-deaf, but I refused to think that I cannot overcome. Yes, I failed along the way for competitions, auditions, performances, even told in my face that I was a bad singer and that I will never make it, but still I picked myself up, cleaned off the dirt, the thoughts of quitting and tears of disappointments, and walked on.

I was never the best among people, neither am I now, there are so many people who are so good in what they do, but that all is not the point, its not about the others."

She worked hard 11 years to be where she is. No matter what you do in your life, its your life. Keep going even if you meet nasty people. You don't have to be the best in your circle. You are the best you are. Faith is the key.

What kind of values do you possess? Are those values gonna see you through or are you gonna stand strong and live in it? I'm so thankful for the biblical principles I've learnt from church since young that I lived in it unknowingly. Even as a rebellious kid, I believed in myself. I was never classified as an emo kid. haha. My values that was cultured is so essential. Even if people have doubts in it, I will not have any uncertainty. Even if people have doubts in me, in my charater, in my perspective, I am certain for I serve a great God.

Well and I know truly its not by chance that people share all these. I knew and I sensed God is moving. This is the point. This is where my uncertainty gonna end. Its time. Its time to stand up and finish the race. Oh Lord, thank you for Your faithfulness even as I'm not. Thank You for the light. Thank You for the direction. Thank You for the cross. Thank You for Your love. Thank You for this experience. I will not give up. I will not give up on how this passion first came. I will not give up on the purpose of this passion. I knew how true it was and I know it is. I know You will be with me along this hard journey. I know Your grace. I know Your protection.

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Now its about willingness
Friday, August 08, 200812:38
You started the whole thing. not me.
and I made a point to compromise. I said I would delete the "inappropriate" stuff inside.

I'm out of this topic now.
I did ask you to do the posting. and yes, I know you're busy but whose not busy?

You see, a lot of times we complain a lot? I'm saying complain in general. but are we even willing to do it? My point is, I don't have to do it. But I chose to do it even IF nobody is doing it, nobody is appreciating it. ok, i'm not saying that you don't appreciate it. hahaha.

having different perspective means naive?
set me thinking now.
I want to quote your line "you need to be old to be mature"

I accept that I'm immature but how mature should I be?
nah, I seriously don't want to be mature as you.
my life would be simpler. hahaha.

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Wednesday, August 06, 200822:23
heyintianshi has an official blog!!!

Visit heyintianshi!!!
you should know who am i..

for heyintianshi only: If you want to be one of the authors, please let me know your google/blogger account.


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I'm pissed talking to people like this.
Why are you comparing NS and organisations you're
Its so different ok.

And we weren't told in any form that we have to bear any consequences if we reveal anything. Everything doesn't make sense at all.

don't make me categorise you as another jc boy.
for goodness sake.

ps: don't take this seriously.

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Tiffany flew ...
Tuesday, August 05, 200814:58
Its today.
how sad.
how 舍不得。
Tiffany I miss you lar!!

By the time you reached there, it'll be 430am here and 430pm there in Canada.
After 6-1/2 hours on plane, I guess you'll be sleeping.
I hope you'll adapt to the place soon and yeah, enjoy yourself there.
And study hard lar..
I hope there'll be internet connection as soon as you're there!!

I thought I was well prepared for today but it turned out to be so heavy.
Know what? I'm still happy because I did a surprise gift for you!
Please click Tiffany!!!

account informations have been emailed to you.

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Confidence is the key
Monday, August 04, 200823:54
I knew I totally lost confidence in this competition.
Although I failed again, but failure is another experience gained.
I felt like I'm a cartoon. Level up.
I know I have gave my shot. I'm satisfied with my performance.
I know I did better than audition.
I will not dwell in the mistakes I've made but rather improve on it.

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You know.
Saturday, August 02, 200803:17
My stupid comp just cannot view my blog.

I hope everything recover soon.
how can i get rid of all these stuffs.
hahaha. omg.
I'm not that persistent to persist on seriously.
yeah, i just so cannot write much here.
shan't elaborate then.

First intermediate lesson at Ocean Butterflies' was super bored today!
but supper was fun.
prata was good but for the first time, I can't finish.
Murderer was fun too. but nobody like me to be the murderer because i was too talkative.
cabbed home again without tiffy this time.
cost a bomb.
all thanks to.. for not fetching me!

Monday is competition!!
I'm super stressed up now.
because I cannot sing it well.
omg.. how how?
I don't wish to fail!
人质 !!!

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