Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
shut up and sit down
I am crazily doing stupid stuff. I have high pitch laughter. I can cry in 10sec. I have a man character.

scream your lungs


scary flashbacks
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Monday, March 31, 200823:37
I don't. I don't.
I shouldn't. I shouldn't.
I mustn't. I mustn't.
I used to be able to control my emotions and feelings alot.
Looks like, I'm being over sensitive recently.
Stop it. Stop it.
Oh God, take it away.
You know I can't handle it.
It makes me cry to think of it. Though its quite silly.

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Greatest Production


Our Geeko MC. hahah
Tom: Dicky's best friend
Famous SHR Vocalist. I seriously do not know why is it SHR. hahaha

Dicky's mummy

Dicky Orh Pi Sai: Promoter
Mr Low: Manager of Best Donkey

Yeah! Thank me Veracia!
looks like I'm shooting for some cosmetic ad. haha

I love this! thanks Kenneth! for a moment i thought what is that black thing at the side.
Later I realized its my hair! hahahha.
Dicky's Dad - passed away.

MJ Zone - You are Special!
This is the ever greatest drama production I've done.
It's so tiring, stressed up but worth it!
It was indeed a success!
We went to taka - Kino, mos burger after that.

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