Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
shut up and sit down
I am crazily doing stupid stuff. I have high pitch laughter. I can cry in 10sec. I have a man character.

scream your lungs


scary flashbacks
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Valentine's Finally Over
Monday, February 16, 200902:20
Its over its over!!!

I never felt so so happy before after Valentine's!

Finally I'm not facing roses roses roses!
Please let me die for the roses.

I've been handling bulks of roses like for the pass 3 days.
I mean handling!
Clearing leafs, cutting torns, cutting stalks, bunching up, wrapping up
when I'm so super sick.

Roses makes me headache.
real headache lar.
Pushing people to buy my roses is worse!
I'm so titled as "business minded" or rather money face.
bad bad.
That's just for the interest for my partners and myself lar.

Alright... there's still like 900+ roses at home...

Shall stop ranting about rose.
I feel like puking alr...

Alright, so on the actual Vday...
I went to Timbre ...
shan't say the unhappy stuffs.
ok, was really fun there cause somebody went up on stage to perform.
one word to describe. ZAI~
Although there were actually some dark scenes in the toilet!

so.. following programs were screwed.
that's it.

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sad but happy
Wednesday, February 11, 200917:58
Walao, everyone get into very singer.

er, thats not what i mean though.

Congrats to all of you first k.

sian sian sian...

Then advance course I'll be darn darn darn sian right?
provided if i pass.


Left with pathetic Sophia, Royston and me!
so ke lians.

If merge class would be what?
Royston, Sophia, Esther, Yan Ming, Elyn, Eliz, Winson?

okok.. sorry sorry.
Its not that i don't love you guys.
Just that I love the girls more and I MISS THEM!!!

Who can i disturb during class?
Who can I laugh to during class?
Who will brooommm laoshi with me during class?
Who will say ji che laoshi during class?
Wo will on supper with me after class?
Who will sit at prata place, listen to my high pitch laughter for so long?
Who else gonna laugh at royston's evil in class jokes?
Whose gonna be that men sao?!!
Whose gonna debate scientifically all that way to make winson shut?
Whose gonna gossip with me?
Who gonna suan laoshi with me for wearing the same clothes?
Laoshi is gonna go one big round to send the few people home.

But i supposed I still got to be happy for you guys.
because 你们做到了!
Good start,
continue to move on and improve too
I'll be supporting all of you!
all the best for your music journey!
go go jiayou~

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I'm sick I'm sick I'm sick again.
so i'm staying at home on a wed night.
hmmm, healthy life right.

Anyway, I so hate last wed.
so its good to stay at home today.

I'm having fever!
I lost my voice!
All thanks to ah soon!

Some evil people are asking me to go K at this state.
so bad so bad so bad.
You know who you are!
no matter what, I'm still your lucky star and your benefactor!
you better becareful!

Talking about that day...
I hit my leg against heartbroker's bedframe..
and the bruise is still here!
Its freaking big and ugly now!

its fact that i love to laugh
be it the laughter is real or fake.

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Happy Valentine's Day
Monday, February 09, 200903:52
As Valentine's Day is coming, I hope little token like this will improve your relationship the rest of the year.

A special day of the year for all couples.

A sincere and warm blessings to all couples.


A sincere rose, a sincere heart.
Thats all you need.

God Bless.


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Thursday, February 05, 200905:23
I'm in office now~
okay, just came back from phuture lar.
Having the thought of saving a little cab fare, decided to come back office to rest.
and also to work a little more because i've been late almost everyday.
Well well.. I'm freaking pissed today.
YES, I nearly created an ugly scene in the club today.
all the freaking ah tiongs!
I swear... I will slap you if you ever let me see you the next time.
I mean it!
Please, ah tiong are strictly banned!
freaking stingy and expect me to drink a drink that you drank before?
expecting me to dance with you when you freaking dance retardedly?
Try speaking english when you can never get rid of your cheena slang?
touching girls around like nobody's business?
You bloody ah tiongs should either go back to china or go geylang to find your tong xiang.
Okay, enough of ranting.

just thought of something i want to say.
royston, my friend got 15 alarms!
win you.

and and, somebody please plan and sabo royston the next time we meet him.
Happy Birthday!

Okay, I'm tired.
and I miss him.
Alright, shall go take a nap now.

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Tuesday, February 03, 200911:32
I'm bored
I'm bored
I'm bored
I miss hyts ...
I miss supper ...
I miss broom broom laoshi ...
I miss wewe too ...
I miss lesson ...

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