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because i'm too bored
Wednesday, March 10, 201003:30
I want to blog because I'm too bored.
I'm getting a bit emo because i see Winter(my male rabbit) emo.
he has been separated from Summer(my female Rabbit)
even though their cage is only side by side and they see each other every second
Initially I thought Winter will be very happy because he always jump around in the small cage.
now, I got him a new big cage. he emo.

And, I'm giving away Summer and her 2 little bunnies a few days later.
omg, I'm gonna be so sad. so is Winter.
We're gonna miss them so much.
I shall bring my Winter go visit them 2 weeks later.

Ok, enough of my rabbits.
Recently, I've been thinking about friends.
In the past, people used to put friends first.
but i realised the world has changed a lot.
male and female must have equality
female does what male are doing.
female getting possessively stupid.

I may have a lot of friends.
but all of them(gfs) really throw me aside when they're attached.
I'm not being jealous or what.
I understand that you all have more commitments now.
but I already stop receiving phone calls from them every now and then.
Like i used to.

especially from the one... she should know.
haven't I been understanding enough?
sometimes i think i shouldn't bear grudges with her.
because she's different.. in some way.
but, why would i talk in this manner if it only happen the first time?
even if nothing happened, i believe you'll still forget to call me.
i admit that you are very understanding at most times.
like, you know i'm busy and stuff..

you called me, talked to me.. in times of needs.
when you had troubles.
even in the middle of the night.
have i ignored you for once?
i may not have important things to share..
but it seems to me that you are doing so well now,
you have someone with you already.
so you don't need to call me anymore?
you don't even seem to be interested in anything about me.
i don't know what type of friend you call this.
no time to meet me, fine.
don't bother to call me, fine.
get so particular about the way i talk.
you know me first day?

my tone became like that basically because.
if it were in the past, you will call me straight and tell me your worries.
and now, you totally forget to call me even when i ask you to.
i was relax because i didn't know you were so affected.
i thought it was quite normal for pregnant woman to have disorders here and there.
don't have to scold me vulgarity right?
and i wasn't being sarcastic when i said sorry.
then you became so sensitive.
if your very good friend that know you for so long is complaining about this.
its time you reflect.
and you can continue to be the way like this.
go stick to the kid's father
because you will lose a friend.
I promise.

situations like that guy don't allow you to talk to me..
i was understanding to you right?

apparently, now its your choice that you don't even bother.
then please change our relationship status on FB.

I may not have very good temper.
I may not have very good attitude.
but I've never leave my friend alone in times of trouble.
please don't ever complain when i start having my own commitments too.

and woohoo,
i ended my post with rain!
rain rain please don't stop
i am gonna sleep with you!

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Monday, March 08, 201018:32
After so long, I'm coming back blogging.
I hope I'll update often though.
but i realised blogging is already not an IN thing these days.
blogs are getting quite dead recently.
probably the result of people getting more active with FB?

Throughout these period when i didn't blog, i think i've changed quite a lot.
I become less stubborn, less principles.
I think i used to be very strong headed and lots of philosophy behind everything i do.
but maybe as i grow older, i realised this is life.
why are you so particular about everything when you know you can't change anything?
I still stand strong in my beliefs but i become less particular about minor details.
especially when people don't agree with me.
I start to really accept the things people say.
I do lesser self reflection.
because i think, its good to improve yourself,
but improving doesn't mean you lose yourself.
your character and personality.

therefore i blog lesser to complain and vent my anger.


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