Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
shut up and sit down
I am crazily doing stupid stuff. I have high pitch laughter. I can cry in 10sec. I have a man character.

scream your lungs


scary flashbacks
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Insomnia Insomnia Insomnia
Gastric Gastric Gastric
Saturday, May 31, 200805:47
At this time, I'm blogging! hahaha!
Been having bad insomnia... and probably because of insomnia, gastric got more serious.

Well, sometimes I'm quite in awe with people who can do what they want and truly follow their heart. I find myself too feeble in this area. I think a lot and tend to think too much? Probably not. I just can't put myself into the situation whereby I know something is not right for sure. I'm not that kind where I can see how it goes first or regret then say. haha! So what even if I may seemed contradicting by not doing what I feel like doing. This is probably the greatest gift from God that I can be so rational like few can.

In other words, if I think that what I gonna do is right, I will do it by all means with boldness. Theres no such things whereby we do something first, then we gain faith and confidence. I can never believe in trying. When you try faithless, you'll end faithless. yea? We cannot be faithless in doing any thing. Faith should come before any thing you do. If you're faithless, why do it?

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Casulo is Brilliant
I was reading Girlfriend's blog and I discovered ... CASULO!!
Can you imagine all your furnitures in you room can be kept in the 4 feet by 3 feet box!

Isn't it brilliant? How I hope to have one. You can shift your furnitures where ever you go now! When its not in need, you can store it so that it doesn't collect dust. Just imagine yourself getting such set of furnitures at IKEA will cost you and that hassle to deliver it. Isn't this great? But it is still not out in the market. Applause to the designer!

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A little expired post
Thursday, May 29, 200812:32
Realized I haven't been taking pictures for very very long. Ok, actually not really. Just that I'm still waiting for our slow tiffany for the expired photos we took in Top 1. Did I mention I really love that place? I probably had no mood to post how much I love that place due to lost of voice and some other reason. hahahah!!!

Though it was rather quite chinaaaa as all their staffs are chinaaaaa! hahhah!! No offend to other Chinese but their service sucked! We reached there at around 1130am and it took us so long to get into our room! ok, we had a lot(9) of people though. So it took them SOME time to get us a big room. hahha! No doubt that, I certainly love that room! There was a mini-platform where we can sit or stand on like as if we're singing in some pubs? and special lighting effects to accommodate to the songs we're singing. A mini volume control and other little function at the side of the wall to pressssss. hahaha!! Their system of choosing song was rather cool despite the fact I'm so used to KBOX remote control. Close eyes also know which is which button. hahaha! Basically we are to choose our songs from a mini display unit and its super user friendly unlike KBOX's. And and, they have songs I wanted to sing for so long that KBOX don't have lar!!! ahahah!!!

Back to the service again, Betty accidentally spill a cup of drink and guess what, the staff came in with rotten papaya face, cleaned the place with rage and kind off told us off some more. WTH. Accidents happen, whats the problem with him. Its his job to so that lor. We pay service tax can! Serious attitude problem! Chinaaaaa!!

Anyway, despite the bad service, I truly enjoyed myself and the place is great! I just kind of feel like I'm so sua-gu for always going to KBOX. I always thought KBOX was the best when I didn't visit any other KTVs. I start to think that KBOX is real expensive even with the student privilege. hahaha.

If you know, KBOX happy hour for student is approximately
$15nett with 2 cups of drink for 4hours.
In Top 1,
$20nett with FREE-FLOW of drinks from 11am - 6pm.

Thanks, Regina for recommending such good deal! ahhhaha!
Its definitely time to stop and change for such deals.
Yes!! I'll be there tomorrow for my revenge!! hahahah! I'm gonna sing-till-I-drop, sing-till-they-drop! hahahha!! I'll show you photos of that wonderful place tomorrow!! YEAH!! hahaha!!

I was browsing one of my old-close-friend's blog just now. Then, I went to her older blog to find a little memory of ours. I actually comprehended that our lives became different when she knew her new group of friends, when I ps her & _ few time due to church, when she had _ with her, when we worked together, when we were too used to each other, when we started to have little disputes, when I was _. I'm not too sure if she's affected or not but I saw that she was leading a happy life with so many activities going on at that time. Actually, we have drifted apart long time ago, just that we didn't accept the fact. Then it comes to me of the incident that happened few years ago when I was _ previously. We were so close but yet she didn't tell me what actually happened. Though she claimed that she didn't know but we're not kids. Well, I believed because I really trusted her. But, she chose to trust the wrong person. A terrible one. Its only after few years, I heard from other people about this. I can only say, her such individualistic attitude resulted to what happened. Blame no one. Well, I still respect her because she is able to get over of that matter in such short period of time? or probably avoiding it for good? Either one are as hard for her. I still can't help it but to feel sorry for her.
For her sake, for God's sake, I'm gonna reach out to her, gonna pray for her, gonna fast for her, gonna draw her back to meet her Heavenly Father. Let Him take over of her life.

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Entertaining Wilson.
Monday, May 26, 200814:42
I don't know why I'm here entertaining Wilson.
Oh well, since I'm so free now after my Chinese O!~ :( :( :(

a) people who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & NO CHANGING OF QUESTION. ANSWER IT TRULY.

b) tag people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse. these people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. continue this game by sending it to other people.

#1 if your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
- cry and move on.

#2 if you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
- To meet Jesus!

#3 what will your dream wedding be like?
- Church wedding!

#4 are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?
- Nope, I'm clear!

#5 what's your ideal lover like?
- Spiritual, talented, high D I - Kexin! hahaha

#6 which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
- hmm, both

#7 how long do you intend to wait for someone u really love?
- I would prefer to let nature take its cause

#8 if the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
- Move on.

#9 is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
- Chinese O :(

#10 is being tagged fun?
- Not really.

#11 how do you see yourself in ten years time?
- I would probably be flying around doing great works for God

#12 who are currently the most important people to you?
- Jesus, Family, N234, Girlfriend - Kexin, Kam Kian Yong!

#13 what kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
- impish. hahahah

#14 would you rather be single & rich or married but poor?
- Married poor. because if I follow Jesus, I won't be poor forever!

#15 what's the first thing you do every morning?
- pray

#16 would you give all in a relationship?
- It depends.

#17 if you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
- How would I know? They haven't appear. hahaha

#18 what type of friends do you like?
- Relatable, girlfriend. hahaha

#19 what type of friends do you dislike?
- Friends who take me for granted.

#20 how many people you think they fall in love with you now?
- I wouldn't know right. hahaha

tagged by : Wilson.

I'm not gonna tag anyone.
so kind. hahaha

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Friday, May 23, 200823:57
man!!! I only attended school on Tuesday this week. Its due to the severe hoarse throat. I was complimented by my lovely vocal classmate that I have a sexy voice. So seductive right? hahaha!! Anyway, was at home whole day followed by vocal class. Yea, its FRIDAY! It was good and usual stuff but i can't join them due to my throat. But I can still feel it. I have no MC, so go better than don't go. hahaha.


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I Pray & Pray
I pray & pray all day.
I just hope you can pick yourself up.

Lord, I pray you fill his heart, heal his hurts.
Send your angels to watch over him.
Let him feel your peace and your love.
Let your spirit and presence be in the midst of him.

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A short entry
Thursday, May 22, 200801:19
There's so much I wish I could just vomit it out here.
But I know I can't.
Move on?

There could just be so much I could say but let the blanks represent them then.
Shall move on from here...

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Complete no voice!
Wednesday, May 21, 200813:02
I didn't go to school today due to the lost of voice. It was so terrible that I couldn't sleep the whole night. ok, its not completely because of that though. But anyway, my throat is quite severe. I cannot even talk, you see. And when I try to talk forcefully, it sounded very manly. Oh man! I hate this! I'm such a talkative and sing-ative person, how can I lose my voice?
How am I gonna go for vocal on Friday?
How am I gonna go for choir on Saturday?
How am I gonna talk on phone late night?
How am I gonna express my amusement?
How am I gonna pray?
How am I gonna praise God?

I felt like a mute. ROBERT :(

okok, recently I'm really sick of people who cannot speak and use proper English. I mean yes, we all can't use perfect English but these people (notice: these, its plural) they like to use profound words but with obvious grammar errors. Which means, they use but cannot use it correctly. That doesn't help in major exams, in fact it deteriorates. And for goodness sake, some speak real broken English (real broken) that I cannot even understand. (I is, she are, they is) Furthermore, they think that have good English standard. What is this? The thing is, they're old enough to know all this.

I don't mean that I can use perfect English but I just feel very uncomfortable when people can't get simple grammars right. It just doesn't sound right.

Special thanks to MR.Royston.
It definitely help in some ways.
All in all, thank you for your time.
And stop calling me RNO.ZHMS!

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Monday, May 19, 200822:58
I should stop pondering
I should be contented.
Thank you, friend. hahaha!


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No Voice
Well, had great KTV-ing with my hai die classmates! though i totally lose my voice in the midst of it, I sang abit forcefully with my sexy voice. hahaha! It was great fun, but i was really tired as I didn't had much sleep the last night. Went for dinner with royston and regina at Hong Guo. The food is as usual, at that standard. We sat there and talk for awhile and headed to yoshinoya for some drinks. not for me lar.. hahah. Anyway, we sat there and continue our talks. Basically, we're talking about how we can improve our singing skills and i realised royston become expert sia. hahahah.
will upload some pictures when tiffany send me!

I miss you
I'm still waiting for a respond

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wrong move?
I knew some things were just impossible but I still had hope in it.
I know nothing but I still accept and believe it.
There's just other side which I don't wish to think and believe.
But if its so, so be it.

You never explain, I wouldn't know.
I miss you still...
I'm still happy you came.

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Good Time To Sweat
Friday, May 16, 200805:29
I'm getting super excited now!!
I'm gonna meet the sun in another 4 hours.
I'm gonna enjoy a few hours with the sun.
Lying right under the warm sun, in the midst of the soft and comfortable sand, with the thin layer of tanning oil on, covering my sensitive face so that it don't peel and from the glaring light.
Better than sauna and spa!

Sentosa, I'm coming!~

please please please don't rain ..... hahahha!!

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let's do some math Part II

let's do some math Part I:


I was talking to Veracia during our long bus journey home. So we're actually talking about the importance and urgency in winning souls.

I suddenly recalled of the entry she posted some time ago. She said "
we know that a human spend ⅓ of their life sleeping. an average person spend ¼ of their life waiting for everything."

According to Sy Rogers, by the rate of people being saved in the world, they calculated that around year 2030 the whole world will be saved. Which means:

2030 - 2008 = 22 years

22 years - (22 x ⅓) - (22 x ¼) = 9.67 years left

The total population in Singapore is 4,588,600. The percentage of Christians (excluding catholics - 4.8%) here is 9.8%

No. of Christians in Singapore = 4,588,600 people X 9.8% = 449,683 Christians

No. of non-christians = 4,588,600 - 449,683 = 4,198,917 non-christians

No. of salvation = 4,198,917 ÷ 449,683 = 9.34

Average no. of salvation = 10 (take 9.34 as 10) ÷ 10 (take 9.67 years as 10) = 1 soul/year

Yes, I mean 1 salvation each year. It can be done right? You have probably led a few or a lot or not a single soul to Christ. It time to start to pray for open doors among your friends. There is not much time for you to waste, to wait, to sleep.

If you have led a few to Christ, I don't mean that you should stop reaching out. You should continue to pray and obey God's word. Continue to make a difference among your friends. You never know when the Holy Spirit will set you up.

If you have led a lot to Christ, well done! And that doesn't mean you should stop. This means you should continue to evangelize and win more souls since God is really using you to impact people. After relating to so many people, problems, needs and test, I believe you have great testimonies to share and encourage people being saved or unsaved. You are definitely a person of influence right?

If you have not led a single one to Christ, WAKE UP! Its TIME to work now!

We are believers of Christ. Probably some would say every religion is the same. They teaches us to love people as ourselves. But notice one thing, Christianity is not a religion because our God is alive. Christianity is a relationship with God. It is different from other religion. So why? Yes, most religions teaches us to love people as ourselves. But hey, we are not perfect people. Can we love with or strength? Some people don't even know how to love themselves. Oh well, so why Christianity is different since we all can't love people as ourselves? The difference is we have the Holy Spirit to help us to love. And a normal relationship with people needs commitment so what's more about the relationship with God. This explains why we go to church every week. Our prayer with God is a Dialogue. Its not a Monologue. We talk to God. We don't just pray for our needs. In fact, He knows them all. He is our God, our Father, Our Saviour, He is alpha and omega. He loves us and He is always waiting for us to talk to Him. Ain't my God great? Ain't salvation precious?

It depends on you whether you wish to hear "faithful servant" or "well done" when you meet Jesus in heaven. It depends on you whether you want to meet one or a few fruits or a huge congregation in heaven saying "this person brought me to church". It depends on you whether you want Jesus to call you a servant or a child.

Oh God, I love you.

Different people has different calling but I will follow You. You have the greatest plan for me. I don't care what is my calling, what is my desire. Not my will, but Yours be done. Sometimes, when we know our calling, we tend to be a bit too persistent in our calling. Thinking that, it is not my calling, I can't do that?

Oh Lord, I will not carry such attitude. I love you and I will do what You want me to do. Use me, give it to me. Let me do the things that people do not want to do. You are the best reward. I have not forgotten the promises I make and I will not forget. I will not give up for I know You will provide the strength, peace, love, wisdom and everything I need!


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healthy swims
Thursday, May 15, 200802:19
hahahah!!! Have been very healthy recently. I went swimming on monday. I went swimming on tuesday. I went swimming on wednesday. hahhh!!
Met up with queena just now at town. We went to wisma's food republic for dinner after she thread her brows. I ate ma-la-you-mian, she ate suan-la-ban-mian, cheng-teng and we shared rojak which cost $4. hahaha! Man! I remembered eating $2 rojak at coffeeshop with the same portion in the past. and its twice the price now? goodness! We then went to kino as she wanted to see her mag. yea, talk about mag! Its 15 may and I haven't get my herworld. I better get it soon before the next issue comes out!

I'm so proud of myself because I swam many laps at tiffany's house. Her pool is beautiful! We wanted some sauna but the sauna was spoilt. too bad~ Her mum's cooking was good. Had salmon baked rice for dinner. its was delicious!! hahaha!!

I swam 10 laps on tuesday and 2-1/2 laps today due to time constraint. I met queena 630am this morning. 630am! hahahha! but yea, if you know we'll be a little late. so we only swam awhile and went to shower. The cubicle is terrible. It stinks and there're lots of fly!!! The worst is all the cubicle are in the same condition!!! darn sick. I wonder how often do they clean the toilets. and the water flow is especially small. Gosh! Yea, Its my last time there, Jurong East Swimming Complex. I got to lodge a complain soon!
As required from Queena: They're my friends!

yea, that taiwan guy got a gf today. from JB. hahahha! royston, don't be mean. hahahah!!!

Oh gosh. I can't stop laughing at this. Royston says its my nature. hahahah! its so ugly can! Royston! you must be banned!!! and please don't reveal its name. hahaha!

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Laughs ...
Saturday, May 10, 200802:31
hahhaha!!! Went for POA revision today. and after revision, that person who was teaching me as i promised not to mention his name did a very very random thing!! hahahah!!!
It made me laugh my lungs out to the space. hahahah!!!

He was just so random. Mothers' Day ... hahaha!

and then he tried to duplicate the swan or whatever bird is it with his hands

See, the results... probably 20% alike. hahaaha

Man!!! this is where i laugh my lungs out. oh man! Its very funny right?

Yea, I kept my promise that i will not reveal your name. hahahah!!!

yea, and in the end so environmental unfriendly.

hahaha!! I was chatting with Royston and we were talking about taiwan guys. So he drew this said, they're geeky, nerdy, skinny. Look like them right? How talented. hahahah

Went for vocals after revision. HuanJie was a little moody today, said Regina. Unsure of the reason. But anyway, it fun today! hahaha! More pratas gathering after class!!!!! Yeah!!!

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Monday, May 05, 200820:50
Today's paper was terrible! Really terrible!
Tomorrow is POA. argh!!! MCQ is a killer.
sigh ...

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my secrets
Sunday, May 04, 200812:37
  1. I don't use stove

  2. All fresh ingredients from market not supermarket

  3. Practice makes perfect

I love to cook and I don't like to eat out. Most of the time I will cook my own breakfast and dinner, yea. hahhaha! Its fun and there's sense of satisfaction. Just like I like to cook and bring it to school. Today, I finally succeeded this kind of porridge by trial and error. I just kind of miss it when my grandmother always cook this when I was young. Of course at that time is without the salted egg. Yes, salted egg is very unhealthy. Anyway, I ate that everyday before I go to school when I was young. hahaha!

I could only cook the teochew style of porridge. This is kind of a challenge for me because you must add the right amount of water, stir at the right timing, add ingredients at the right timing and keep stirring it before it end so that it will not burn. The teochew style one is very fast and easy. You can put how much water you like as long as its not too little. Just stir abit at the beginning and leave it there for 17 minutes. As you can see my cooker can set time, so its very easy.

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Had an awesome and powerful prayer meeting so as a wonderful service. Really empowered. Oh Lord, thank you for consistently reminding me of the vision you gave. I really believe it with the power of God. Holy Spirit, thank you for guiding me throughout. Being ekballo or apostello, it doesn't matter for You are with me. Amen.

Some pictures on our way home to kill boredom!
Seth's scary finger! OMG! Its turning black now.
Best mummy retard face award!! hahaha
I really wonder what she's doing.
mummy-daughter retard face!
I roar! she don't seemed to be afraid. hahaha!
Nicole said we have same face, do we?
I think we should get best partners ok! always spoiling pictures! hahah!
Shepherd and sheep. She's our magical goddess! hahhahah!

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Saturday, May 03, 200800:53
Yea, today is friday! Vocal lessons again. Was really down recently until I see my classmates! hahahah! love them so much! So as usual we practiced our stuffs. Nearing the end, we were quite chaotic because we have all the 自恋狂sss! hahahaha!!!

Yea, he's our very lame but serious teacher, Huan Jie.
By Regina. hahahah!
Alright, actually I was the one who started the chaos
Again by me! thank me ok, betty! hahaha!

Yea, I'm awesome to be able to let all of us squeeze in that little screen.
Oops! I'm sorry, Royston. Missed you out. hahaha!
She kept complaining that she had heatstroke int that super cold air con room.
She's ZhiYang's cousin.
Darn cute, darn CRAZIES!! oops! hahaha!!

My deed again.
See, 830 alr we still in class. hahaha!

I wonder... How much does this cost? hahahah!
I see 3 serious man. Sure? hahaha!
Lesson ended and its our culture to go for an interval.
Yea, I was there today to capture funny images and I succeeded. hahha!
Oh ya, we realised today that Yikang is darn 自恋. hahaha!
eh, must be more hardworking ah. hahha!
Regina square square Hi-Low. hahaha!!!

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Thursday, May 01, 200820:46
I really don't know how long can I last. Exams have really been stressful plus many many other things. God, I do not want to lead a simple life but I really don't know what else I can do. After some time, i really can't find my heart anymore. Bitterness just begin to develop within me. Bitter about exams, about people, about friends, about myself, about cg, about God, about school, about studies, about everything.
I can't, I can't do well in anything. I can only face it myself.

And I just hope my insomnia stop tonight.

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I'm still awake

Yea its just bored at this time.

Happy Labour Day!

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