Take me away cause falling in love ain't very far
shut up and sit down
I am crazily doing stupid stuff. I have high pitch laughter. I can cry in 10sec. I have a man character.

scream your lungs


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Tuesday, August 28, 200717:33

The weather was so good to sleep but so bad to go out. It literally rained the whole day. As I was saying, it is such a good say sleeping, Char* overslept again. I think I know what to get for her on her birthday - super-loud-alarm-clock! haha!
Cabbed home straight after school.
I'm going jogging now and study later!
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Sunday, August 26, 200722:55
Service was great today. Think it's really meant for me. haha! Pastor preached about balancing relationship today. What I really like was seeking the Lord. Lord, you are always here with me. I will love you no matter what, forever and ever and ever!

Headed to my aunt's house after lunch with Vivian and company. Slept at aunt's house from 2+ to 7+. It's just great sleeping after having not enough sleep for so many days. haha!

Simple Principle
I'm super bored now. I have nothing to do and I'm so energetic. haha! Suddenly wonder why some people like to think so much. If you want someone to trust you, treat them with your heart and trust them and they will trust you. It's as simple as that. Pastor preach about The Golden Rule. Treat people with how you want them to treat you. Note that, it is not don't mistreat others if you don't want others to mistreat you. If you want to be trusted, start trusting people provided not being a Simpleton. If you love being blessed, start blessing people. If you want people to be friendly to you, start being extra friendly to others. If you want people to support you when you need them, start to give all your support when people need you.
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Thursday, August 23, 200716:10

Today when Charlene*, Jun Jie* and I are waiting for bus, Char* told me an exceedingly lame 'joke'. She asked " What animal can fight the best? " I said " fighting fish... I don't know, what is it? " and she replied " It's zebra " I had the same reaction as anyone. Question marks all over. and she said it's because zebra has alot of ' black belts ' ... duh! -.-''' haha!

It's Jie's joke anyway.
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Monday, August 20, 200721:45
Downs in progress ...
I didn't get in to semi-finals.
I failed my humanities paper.
I failed my combined science.
I failed my mathematics.

How can someone failed everything overnight?
sad sad sad sad ...
I thought I can do well.
God, can I have a new revelation?
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Wednesday, August 15, 200700:34

I'm basically chionging for my papers. I suddenly had so many doubts. what ifs again... I like exams but i don't like exams. haha! I'm having maths paper tomorrow. I'm glad. I will do well. yeah!

Charlene* and I met up with Derek* and Marlin* at Toa Payoh to study. We sat at McDonald's for the whole 4plus hours. haha! We're with craps! No no! It's Derek with crap. He said imagine you get up a cab and tell the driver, " Uncle, can you send me to Doremon World? " haha! Uncle will like... Huh? Doremon world? Lu ki siao ar? Ar ni ko lian.. ki siao liao ah bo lang zhao ko... Wa zai lu ke siao lang keng lar. haha! Can I go to the disney world? All my favourite cartoon will be there! haha! I'm crazy to crazy with him. But how I wish I can see Snoopy! Or anyone willing to buy for me? Singapore no snoopy! Actually I have one that is with me for 6 years, haha!

This Sunday will be the Q-final round. I'm nervous. I'm afraid. I don't want to embarrass myself! haha!
I'll be singing Gigi Leung - Yuan Lai Ai Qing Zhe Me Shang
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Man Without Visions Shall Perish
Saturday, August 11, 200713:15

I suddenly feel so contented with my fulfilled life! Although my life look so routine but I have great dreams and visions that I'm working on. I ever read a documentary and it said "To feel great satisfaction is not how much materials you can get but is how much lifes you can touch." Yea, when you start to have materials, friends to have fun, you will feel that "wow! this is what I have that others don't have!" You will love it and hope that it will last forever. I don't know about others but at least thats what I felt before.

There was a period when I feel like today. So contented but the only difference was I know today I'm not having any materials, not having any fun that I had, not having that kind of close friends that I had. In fact, I'm not always doing what I want like before because I know what I want may not please God. And I'm constantly wanting to put Him first in everything I do. Isn't my life so hard? That was what I thought as well but I realized when my love for God, my visions, my dreams keep me going on and thats what it meant by "man without visions shall perish" when you have everything that you wanted but you felt so empty, confused and don't know what you want.

I wasn't be rich but at least I got most of the things I want in the past that I cannot have now but I believe more to come in future. I was happy and contented with my life. I thought that was what I want. For so long, I thought my life will be that way and I hope to stay there forever. although I know it's not going to happen. My life then was at my friend's place everyday after school, town during weekends. That routine for very long time but I still feel so happy and blessed to have such friends. But one day, I start to feel bored. I start to get confused about life. I was so lost then. But I continued with such life. I got myself into trouble and still worrying that my friend might get involve. After that incident, my friend and I somehow got closer and that thought disappeared or hidden somewhere that I don't know. Until when I was brought to face the consequences. For one month, facing 4 walls, no friends, criminal life. I had nothing with me and I turned to God. I started to pray everyday. I was really touched then. After taking Him for granted for so long, He forgave me and love me like never before. Those times, I really felt Him by my side everyday. Telling me nothing will happen. Thank you Lord. My love for You will never fade! And I will fulfil what I had promised you! Hallelujah!
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Thursday, August 09, 200723:46
Happy National Day! We went for singing session today. Sang all the way! haha! Had lunch with Charlene* at cine's long john. Suppose to meet company at 12 30 but all were late. haha! Went Kbox from 2pm - 6pm. Great day singing… But I'm not enough! I want to go again, again and again. haha! Remember to look for me if you need singing companion. haha!

I missed those days when we used to go for singing sessions every week. Same place, same songs, same people but its still as fun! When people laughed at me when I went off key! hahaha! Oh ya, and the sushis every week! haha! And when we make a fool of the songs! hahaha!
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I know I've not been updating. I know my blog is dying soon. But i'm super tired now! Goodnight!
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